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Índice Alfabético

Dorris Wedding bridesmaid collections in gold

Pharmacy had two different generic and colours for my heart meds. I'm sitting here chest pains resting pulse 133 going wtf.... I look and realize somehow I got my meds mixed up and didn't take my heart meds for at least two days. I have never messed up putting my pills in my day to day pill organizer before. They have added so much medication then pharmacy with two different colours I got my stuff confused. Took the max dose and an aspirin waiting to see if my pulse goes down Dorris Wedding bridesmaid collections in gold ... or if I have to go to ER and tell them I'm a dumbass and mixed my meds up.

So much for my daily walk. Not allowed to walk if my pulse is 100 or higher. It's 133. Gah.

I really hope the cardiologist figures out why I have tachardia. My blood pressure itself is prehypertension..not THAT bad...but my pulse..gods pain shooting to my neck and arm. Freaks me out.

Bet you I won't make that mistake again. I'll triple check my organizer next time. Yeesh.

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