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Dorris Wedding casual informal wears for a wedding

/the Bank of England , at Prince Charles : all right all right. we confess. we might have received a couple of mails from Andrei ?tef?nuc? . one of them even had the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in CC. one of them even said that he wants to "here by" found the European Union , and African Union , on the basis of his new, original, law(s). and other such. companies. scale endeavors. big money was involved. money from the Internet , which he said he invented. which is when we contacted Belgium , Germany , Italy , and the countries in the European Union - EU to unite. we didn't tell them anything about Andrei ?tef?nuc? 's mail. we told them that it was all our idea. it seemed like a good idea at the time. (/short pause) what were we supposed to do, tell you everything about it? every single little thing that ever happened? (/short pause) in any case, he has no rights over the things there in. they are ours now... the correspondence, the correspondence disappeared.. he has no proof. and if he keeps offending Queen Elizabeth , by mentioning her in this filth, that he's writing, he'll have no head.. (/another short pause) and you'll be happy to know that we haven't sent him one single dime, from any of this, the entire time.. from the lawsuits that he wished to press, from the technology that he wrote there in. from anything. and neither did the World Bank , or anyone else. it will all remain one of mankind's greatest questions, and nothing more. (/another short pause) and, in any case, he's not even a threat. neither is the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) , or the Bank of Japan know about it. current technology allows us to clamp down on any leak. nobody will ever know. he will have autonomous censorship methods, blocking every word that he ever says, or even thought that he ever has, around him at all times, by the end of the year. (/another short pause) everything that we have done, we have done for the crown. he has no rights to pass the laws that he wrote in those mails. and they're not originally his. we made sure that our own great authors mentioned them in their works, worldwide, since the dawn of time. he has no claim in this, none whatsoever! none that can stand being dismissed, anyway. and let's face it the Dorris Wedding casual informal wears for a wedding International Criminal Court , and the International Court of Justice , and the United Nations are our people. no harm can come from this, to our people. none, whatsoever! but harm will come to him, for saying that Queen Elizabeth is an arachnid disguised as a human person! we don't take lightly to that kind of humor around here. Brexit, Brexit is the first of their concerns right now! and it is all his fault! maybe if we're lucky he'll be stabbed by some Romanian who lost his visa.

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