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Índice Alfabético

Dorris Wedding maid of honor garments in royal purple

So I have been sick since Sunday night, went ER on Tuesday night. They tell me it is just a virus, to let it run its course. So I have been miserable since burning fever, no appetite , lower half body joints feeling like they are being crushed, spinal cord pain, stuffy nose, blisters in my mouth,woke up this morning took a drink of Gatorade and was getting sick 5 minutes later. Styler comes downstairs around noon and says dad your eyes are bleeding so i take a look and my bl ... ood vessels are popped on both sides on the outside of my eye lids are bruised. So I call my doctor and they can't see but told me to go to Good Sam North After hours 6:30-9:30 they do only walk inns . I told her I need blood work done and she said they will take care of it. So I show up at 6:30 and doctor goes over everything and says I have too many symptoms to figure out what's wrong. He then says they can't do blood work there. Tells me to go home and if it isn't better by Sunday to go back to the ER so aggravating my eyes only open half way over my pupils now and get worse every day. I am going crazy I never get down like this. So Sunday morning I guess I will be going back to the ER cause I am sure I won't be better till I get the proper antibiotics. Thank the lord i havw a great boss who understands and a wonderful wife Dorris Wedding maid of honor garments in royal purple Sara Bender who is miserable pregnant and has taken great care of me .Could definitely use more prayers! Thanks and God Bless!these photos were taken earlier today. The picture is my nasal strip is the latest photo I just took of me trying my hardest to open my eyes as wide as they can

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