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Índice Alfabético

Dorris Wedding mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style

Private itchy
The most common vaginal infection
Vaginal fungal infection, bacterial vaginitis and vaginal trichomoniasis and so on.
The following three common vaginal infections for a brief introduction:


Fungal infection:
The most common Candida albicans infection
Candida is warm and humid
Of the environment
When the resistance is poor
Prone to happen.
(Such as lack of sleep, cold, before and after menstruation, pregnancy, the use of antibiotics, wearing tight or nylon fabric pants or suffering from diabetes, etc.)
Even if there is no sexual experience
The little girl, it is possible to happen.

Symptoms of fungal infection:
Itching, burning, vulvar redness tingling, secretions were white or yellow and white, such as cheese from the block, urethra pain or swelling of urine pain, usually in the menstrual period will be particularly uncomfortable; intercourse often pain.

Mold treatment: usually mold treatment will use plugs or ointment, and sometimes combined with oral medication. It is estimated that 75% of female friends had a fungal infection, of which 50% of female friends will relapse, 5% of people will be repeated attacks, it is difficult to cure.

Second, bacterial vaginitis:
Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginitis:
Have sexual intercourse after sexual intercourse
The secretions are gray or yellow
And smell, similar to fishy smell
Most of the bacterial vaginitis
It is not itchy.
In recent years, the discovery of bacterial vaginitis and cervicitis or cell degeneration. If you have bacterial vaginitis during pregnancy, need to hurry to treat, because it may cause early rupture of amniotic fluid. The same time as

???? bacterial vaginitis treatment: oral, vaginal tablets, about a week can be cured. Because the vaginal salty changes, so easy to relapse, in addition to prolonged treatment period, you can warm water bath, the method is to add a spoonful of warm water in the lemon juice or consumption of white vinegar bubble basin about 5 minutes. Dorris Wedding mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style

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