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I have had the mirena IUD 3 times now after I had a baby. I never had an issue with it at all. I even almost stopped my period with having it in but this time I have had it a little over a year and now I am experiencing pregnancy symtoms. I am naturally a non trusting person so I already take a dollar store test every month to make sure I am not pregnant. I havent yet taken one this month so I am headed up to get one monday. my issue is that I am sick all the time especially ... in the morning, getting headaches and just the other day I realized that my boobs are sore and feel full. I did stop breastfeeding a few months ago and my husband has not ahem...stimulated them in any way. there is nothing comeing out of them. Now I'm not asking if you think I'm pregnant because I can easily go to the doc and find that out and/or take a test for that but as I have never had any other issues with the mirena, my chances of being pregnant are so extremely low, I am starting to wonder if there could be something else wrong. Does anybody know of things that would cause symtoms like this? For the record, my periods only consist of slight cramping before I start. none of the systmtoms I stated every happen to me before i start my period. I am scared to ask my doctor about it because I know it cant be anything good. Dorris Wedding on sale wedding wear options in pink color

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