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DorrisWedding green evening party selections

TODAYS TOPIC: VAGINAL DISCHARGE. This is wet under normal circumstances, seccretion comes to the vaginal from fallopian tubes, uterus, cervical canal and the bartholin gland. Vaginal discharge associated with ovulation, oestrogenic oral contraceptive, pregnancy, sexual excitement, before menses and vaginal irritation from chemicals such as hot douches and forgotten tampoons. Whn there is persistent dicharge that is nt time and habit dependent, then the discharge is pathologic ... al. CAUSES OF PATHOLOGICAL DISCHARGE ARE: ( 1) Trachomonas vaginitis, (2) candidiasis, (3) childhood vaginitis, 4) acute pelvic pain. SIGNS OF TRACHOMONAS VAGINITIS ARE: (a) profuse yellwish-green vaginal discharge (2) pruritus vulvae( itching of the vulva) (3) inflamed vagina wall. CANDIDIASIS: this is usually caused by candida albicans. SIGNS: (a) pink, white and cheesy vagininal discharge that stick to vaginal wall (b) pruritus vulva (c) sore vagina. PRURITUS VULVAE :this means itching of the vulva. CAUSES: Allergic dermatitus, e.g, soap, and detergents. General disease,e.g, diabetes and vitamin deficiency. Skin disease. 5. Psychosomatic such as anxiety, sexual frustration and marital discharmony. CAUTION: stop douching( washing ) your vagina it is unecessary and generally should be avioded because it kills antibodies that fight infection in the vaginal. For more information contact me on 08123398738 or drop your question on my facebook page for treatment on candidiasis and others. Thanks. Stay healthy. Goodevening Ladies this is for you!. DorrisWedding green evening party selections

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