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DorrisWedding lace collections for formal party

PSA of the day, thanks to being an emetophobe and a "stomach flu" that's going around: There is no such thing as a "stomach flu." Gastroenteritis is caused by germs that got in through your mouth either from touching a contaminated person or surface and then handling food or putting your hands on your face/mouth, or by eating food that is contaminated from handling by an infected person or contact with an infected animal - it's all a form of food poisoning. It's all contagious,whether you have a fever or not. The incubation period/contagion period depend on the specific germ you've got, but generally you can assume you're contagious for at least 24 hours after your last bout of excretions. DorrisWedding lace collections for formal party

Here are the CDC's recommendations for disinfection when you get gastroenteritis.