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DorrisWedding petite ladies garments dressed in prom

Most people (I included) flocked towards genetic testing because it seemed cool. And let's by honest it totally is. Who doesn't like to nerd out.

Some of that cool info required me to re consider my nutrition and make changes to both what I ate and the nutrient timing of when I ate. It also shed light on my body's ability to detox, process, absorb vitamins and minerals. All essential information.

However, it wasn't until I had pregnancy complications (like multiple miscarriages) where I realized how integral it can be.

Primarily, testing your methylation and SNPs that are integral to conception and full term pregnancy like MTHFR, MTRR, and a whole panel related folate cycles, methylation, vitamin D, B12 etc etc.

Knowing is one piece of the puzzle... making those lifestyle changes is the rest of the puzzle.

53% of North Americans have methylation gene variants to a degree. Methylation can change the activity of a DNA segment without changing the sequence. When located in a gene promoter, DNA methylation typically acts to repress gene transcription. It plays a role in immunity, inflammation, endocrine function, nervous system function, etc etc. DorrisWedding petite ladies garments dressed in prom

Your nutrition and possible supplementation (especially if in preconception or pregnancy) is a huge part of this equation as certain foods and supplements can acts as "methyl" donors and improve regulatory processes. Or they can also do the opposite.

Here are some considerations of what foods may not be beneficial for an MTHFR or poor methylation.

Foods Bad For MTHFR & Poor Methylation - See the list here Did you know that some healthy foods are actually bad for those with mthfr gene mutations? This list of foods is bad for mthfr and causes increased