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Índice Alfabético

DorrisWedding princess ball styled gown of wedding

If anyone had told me that my heart would break when a dog is hurting...I would not have believed them.
If anyone would have told me that I would carry a dog around the neighborhood in 90+ temps so he could get out of the house and maybe, just maybe, forget how much the tumor on the bottom of his foot hurts...I might not have believed them. DorrisWedding princess ball styled gown of wedding
If I had been told that I would give up my fun to be near my dog in case he wanted to be held...I would have argued.
That I would sprea ... d pillows all over the living room floor to lessen the pain as he walked...
If I would have known that I would cry like a baby as my dog begged to go outside to the bathroom but stood immobilized on the grass, in pain...
If I would have known how much my heart would break and the tears erupt as I lie awake watching my dog fight pain in his sleep...
If I had known...I would still do it all over again.
It's worth the love. And every tear that drops...

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