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bohemian formal dresses

Episode 1b
I quickly took my bath,put on my best attire. I wore a v-neck polo shirt and jeans. I thought about dressing formal,but something told me she wouldnt care how i looked. Her style was bohemian and carefree,so i had to follow suit. I got to the bank as early as 7:30 am,i was prancing around like a confused cat,maybe i looked suspicious,as the security men kept looking at me. I pretended not to see them. Emotions on my face changing, first i would smile,then i would grin with terror at the prospect of spending the day with this strange girl. What if she had made a mistake yesterday,because of the stress,she probably wasnt thinking straight,how will i know what to say ? how on earth would i portray myself as confident. My mind was still racing in a million places when i saw her coming. My God was i wrong,i regretted how i dressed immediately,she looked stunning,she wore a black knee length skirt,a pink top,medium heels that looked designer-ish,and a facinating smile. If i had been awestruck the day before,today it was something else. I was smitten,dazed,in love. Yea i was in love,it was as if every other thing around dissappeared from my view.
Her aura enveloped my consciousness,and she was about 10 feet from where i stood. Next thing i knew she was in front of me,she said hi and hugged me,still smiling. Now for you to understand this,i hadnt really hugged a girl before,a girl i had a sexual attraction to. I wasnt used to hugging girls,and now i was in the arms of a damsel. I wished i could see my face that moment,i was in pure joy,that kind of feeling you couldnt really explain to anybody,they just had to experience it themselves. I was grinning from ear to ear,i imagine i had an awkward look on my face,because she asked me if i was ok. I regained my composure and said i was perfectly ok. We walked towards the now forming queue,i wanted to be a gentleman,so i told her to go sit down,that i would stand in place of her,when it was time to go in,she would come back. She laughed,looked at me like i was crazy,and said no. I didnt push it,afterall she was the boss,and i was at her mercy. So instead i went and sat down. I cant remember how long i sat there,but i recall i had my eyes the entire time fixated on her,an unquivering stare. I watched with keen interest everything she did,her subtle mannerisms,the way she talked,how she would nibble at her lips,how she blinked her dreamy eyes occasionally. Few times she caught my stare,she would smile,i’ll smile back and quickly turn away. bohemian formal dresses