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Índice Alfabético

boho items to wear for a formal occasion

She's healed.
Father God healed one of His daughters of facial numbness, swelling and ringing ears.

Friday evening after dismissal of Celebrate Recovery I excused myself from the sanctuary, a short while later I made my way back in.
Two ladies who I knew very well were having conversation with a 3rd lady I'd never met. ...
Earlier I had given testimony of healing God had done in the previous days...
Well my precious friend Tammy said , "Penny come and pray for her."
I'm still new to this, they didn't know that, so I walked over and found the daughter of God had face numbness on one side, ringing ears, pain and swelling from infection. She wasn't able to talk properly either.
So...I placed one hand on her and Tammy and Renee placed a hand on her too.
Tammy--(little firecracker) was praising Jesus and Renee was praying in agreement.
I said a few words in Jesus name and commanded pain and sickness to GO! In Jesus name.
We asked her how she felt, she looked up surprised and said, "I can feel my face." The numbness left..
However she said she still had ringing in her ears and pain.
So We laid our hands on her again, I spoke words in Jesus name commanding the pain and ringing of ears to GO! in Jesus name.
I looked at her and said, tell us what's going on she said the pain wasn't as it was so I said..
Let's pray again...We were on our 3rd round and were giving glory to God thanking Holy Spirit for making this daughters eardrum new and removing pain.
So we prayed. Tammy praising Jesus and Renee touching, praying and agreeing.
In Jesus name I commanded ringing to STOP! LEAVE!
This time she lifted her head even more surprised with tears in her eyes, removing the cotton from her ear and said the ringing stopped.
She still had pain so we prayed 1 more time for complete restoration. She lifted her head in tears and praised God for healing.
As she spoke with us her speech became normal and her mouth moved properly, puffiness had left. Praise God!

Heres the thing....
God set her up. She wasn't at service that night, she was out getting food for her dog and thought perhaps someone would still be at church. We had already dismissed service and many had left. She knew service was over but was led to stop by anyway. boho items to wear for a formal occasion
God set His daughter up, not only for physical healing but to have life spoken into her life. I know God is continously working in her life, making a way and restoring hope.
Glory to God.

God will place in front of you those He desires to make whole in every way, but are you willing to be obedient?
This is new to me and in that moment I was TOTALLY God dependant. I wasn't put on the spot, God was and He showed up. He never fails.
As Tammy said, " God was put on the spot but He was spot on!"
Amen and So be it!


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