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Índice Alfabético

empire waist mother

Type: Gangster Freestyle

★ Chapter on chapter did we count,
As curious travellers counts Stonehenge;
Added up the mortal amount;
And then proceeded to our revenge ★

(Hook Golden Joel)
Lets tell em all
Lets beef em all
Bitch now we slaying
These dogs are gaying
I told my haters fuck your selves
Dont joke with us
It might be deadly
King of jungles
We aint mumble
We dont fumble
So bitch be humble
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,


# ÏBRØ king ‡
verse 1

=Nigs u better step yo feets back in yo shoes coz if ya step in mine yall heads I would shoot,,
Imma bloody soulja fuckers I dont respect plus I used to do things they dont espects,
Thot I told ya ammo big deal,,
Killin gees three three,
The King of rap I dont take mess when am in ma city,
Dont try it coz nomatter how hard ya try ya would never eradicate me,
Im like whatcha doin thanks 4 multivatin,
Now me life na chillin every day am celebratin,
This is how we burst out Kennedy ma bro the last tym he told me Ibro u a winner dont let em use u shout out all ma fans thanks 4 the support,
Promise una at all time dis rappa go stay through,
Nigs dey pray 4 make ah die becos ar dey keep cool,
Dem kno kno say me sef ah bad ooh sometimes ar dey wonder u kno but any way thank God na Golden dey de hook,
Claim they are souljas when physically they cant kill a spider,
Ahah nigs must be mad u dont have to like me ammo hard fuckin niga,
Bitch u better call the cops coz when when I come yo crew I will beef 'em all, horhor.

# Lyrical # Empire
# Wild # Wolf # Gang
# TheKing .


(Hook Golden Joel)
Lets tell em all
Lets beef em all
Bitch now we slaying
These dogs are gaying
I told my haters fuck your selves
Dont joke with us
It might be deadly
King of jungles
We aint mumble
We dont fumble
So bitch be humble
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,


# KËNNËD zaraki ‡ ( Rokstar ) .
verse 2.

=Born in a House Full of Glocks Berettas in thy Closet Hanging Around Us Atlist you've Gonna Think for a SËCØND how Bullets will fly you will prolly think Its the Beginning of ÅRMÅGËDDØÑ magnetic WËÅPØNs Expressing Depression of a Criminals ÅGGRËSSÏØN PRËSËNT Crucification Rapidly STËP-IN HËÅVËNS sessions inviting Souls From the Deads DËCËPTÏØN the ËSSËNCË of the peaces Made different Beings DËÅFËN anxiety Stressing Tagged meh with a Name of a FËLØN how the Fuck Are these Snakes Gonna Affect us with Watery VËNØM killing Has Always being a Mental Disease Ever since I was ËLËVËN placed a SËVËN in front of a M8 nows its a M78 Taliban blessing letting settings threatening Nature with Ghosts of STËPHËN Animated Em all in a Family of Drawings Comedy but I ain't talking bout PËTËRGRÏFÏN GïFTËD with the Remedy Pain ( pen ) its A Must people will be signed to the TRËÅTMËNT By the End of The Statement Pages Will be Left BLËËDÏNG No freedom for y'all Father Fuckers you getting Beefed with BËÅCØN For Stepping in the RËGÏØN of DËMØNS penetrate a Machete through y'all Hearts Till the last breath WËÅKËNs Run To thy Hills Bitch ! the ÏØN Has the MËDs-ÏN ( * iron Maiden ) Angels Sing in my Head Spirit's act up like some sort of GLËËMÅNS / whipping out Er Human on Earth was the only MÏSSÏØN the ØPPØSTÏØN team received Spinal DÏVÏSÏØN Police jumped on the SÜSPÏCÏØNS but the given DËSCRÏPTÏØN was Insufficient on the TËLËVÏSÏØN I aint Going back to PRÏSØN and thats my final DËCÏSÏØN sea ( see ) this Flow Underwear ( under-way ) deepen Some Ni66as Might Hook these lines FÏSHÏNG mother Fuckers ! Bitch !! Ass !!! Pussy !!!! Hoe !!!!!Slutly !!!!!! Skunks !!!!!!! ain't Getting FØRGÏVËN Ama Chop Off the Front Skin of your Dicks with a Saw ( cutting tool ) Dogg Zee in the Back calls it the Trimatic CÏRCÜMCÏSÏØN LÏSTËN Now you wouldn't want to be in a PØSTÏØN where by there's a UZZÏ behind yor Head Sensing yor frightened CØNDÏTÏØN ! Now we the onez Who Disappear Life's In the Street's when kids see us they Shout there goes the strapped MÅGÏCÏÅNs ! Now on the block am my Own CØMPËTÏTÏØN Got lots Of Guns in the Basement I might Just Build an ÅMMÜNÏTÏØN Smoked A lot Suckers The C.I.A Trying Make me the Main ÃTTRÅTÏØN crime is all I know where I come from Hatred always Stay SCHËMËÏNG WØMÅN get Sexually Abused daily by different BËHËMØTHs ( monstrous creatures ) youth's get Beat up in Parks by Thugs for No fucking RËÅSØN my Sister Died in the hand with a Picture of JËSÜS so I've got the Right for #Wild #Wolf # Gang to Stay TËÅMÏNG this is our Feasting SËÅSØN ibro king said We BEEF EM All but the Start of the Flow already made Them Fall in thy Nightmare of DRËÅMÏNG pertinently As we stand beside the Death Bed waiting for the SCRËÅMÏNG I hit a Blunt got high and Saw ( past of see ) the souls GLËÅMÏNG its The End for The Whack Haters we Keeping the Society CLËÅNÏNG Fuck you ! you ! you ! and you ! in the Coner there If you Want sons Of Cows Get your Tempers STËÅMÏNG its Beef Em All After All Welcome To our Beautiful Evil Brååïngs LËGÏØN y'all just a bunch of fucked up little BÏÏÏTCHEs !!!!! .... empire waist mother

# Rokstar
# Madara
# InternalRyhmeGod
#Wild #Wolf #Gang