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formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy

Let's talk about growing those legs and glutes.

Most women want strong, lean legs and a butt that will fill out their shorts. They workout and get frustrated when results don't come.

Two reasons for this lack of results: ...
1. Lack of nutrition
2. Lack of resistance

Lets talk about number 1 first. In order to grow a muscle, you need to EAT. No just low fat yogurt, carrot sticks, and diet food. You need to eat whole, nutritious foods to build muscle. You also need to eat in a surplus in order to grow muscle. Right now you might be worried that eating more will lead to weight gain and fat gain. However, if you channel those extra calories into your training, you will see huge changes in you physique, in a good way! Here is a free calculator to figure out how many calories you should eat every day to build muscle: formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy make sure to choose the muscle gain goal.

This lead to number 2. You need to pick up some weights in order to grow you legs and glutes. You will literally run your ass off if you just do cardio. You can start by utilizing bodyweight squats, lunges, plyometrics, pistol squats, etc. To see the best results, get under that bar and do some heavy squats mixed with hip thrusts, glute kick backs, leg curls, lunges, etc. The more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn while at rest. Win, win situation.

Looking for some extra guidance when it comes to building your legs and glutes? Shoot me and email at
[email protected] and we can get you started on a program!

# legsfordays

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