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gold selections for cocktail party

on google forms was asking somebody about why when i receive an email being forward to hotmail to gmail i see red question mark gmail couldn't verify domain name actually sent a mesages not a spammer thinking something outlook engineer to work apon reply was I don't think the issue lies with Outlook/Hotmail or any other mail provider, because even emails sent from gmail to gmail are flagged as suspicious and untrusted. And I'm not talking about emails from custom domains, gold selections for cocktail party ... I'm talking about personal gmail accounts with an @ domain. This is a clear indication that something is not right, as gmail is 100% responsible for sending and delivering these emails, so at no stage of the process should they get flagged as untrusted. so i don't know if gmail going to bother to fixed this error or not if that's the case perhaps i should never forward my hotmail to email ever again then meh

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