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Índice Alfabético

second wedding dresses for older brides

NOTRE DAMES des LANDES is in reference to the 40 department of France 40 days of TEMPtations/TEMPEST/Storms Jesus spent in the dessert ... Les Landes sits between the 32nd department and the 64th where the rock of the Virgin Mary stands... 322 Skull and Bones CRANEberried singer dies at 46 age of CRANEberry death is 64 through the inverted looking galss... into SOL O MON 32 +32 is 64... Mont de Marsan is MM code.. as MgM or Mary Magdalene or Meghan Markle Mark of EL or Marilyn Manroe.. when male and female the TWINS Gemini or PAN like Marilyn and Trump and the twin towers... 11 EL even red/blue male/female Binary code becomes ONE singularity .. PurpEL our inner flame taken over...Mind controlled.. The story is about the ZAD or tribe of DAN Z and N is the same flipped on its side .. those against the aéroport and those for, in Astrology we know that aéroplanes are ruled by urANUS Aquarius ..the saga began in 2012/12 and the final decision of this ongoing divine comedy will be made on the 13th February, like the story of the 13 children held captive by their parents, official photo we have the bride and the groom BLACK and WHITE surrounded by purpEL dresses.. 12 children and the 13th escaped to warn police..they rang 9/11 of course... its ALL coding... Mont de Marson is where the Shepard's herd and slaughter the SHEEP.., like in Las Vegas shooting the shooter was called Paddock because he is the Shepard like Jesus, In Las Vegas is the Notre Dame/OUr Lady and the Rock of the virgin Mary as in 64 Biarritz there is also the rock of the virgin Mary as in Jerusalem there is also Lots wife salt rock .. Steven paddock shot for 9/11 minutes from the 32nd Floor and he was 64 years old... like the Beatles when i am 64 is code for the Egyptian Scarab DUNG beetle which is symbolic of our brain merged into QUADreality ... second wedding dresses for older brides

The Dogon Tribe like the Old shepards of Mont de Marsan used to stand on stilts for the death ceremony as the Shepards did when herding the sheep... please join the dots your self.. the news paper story here is all number coding you will see 40 again, and 650 = 11 EL even and 1 650 is binary code = 111 12th 13th and 25 = 7 for seven seals of Saturn or EL ... and 8 for the i phone procesion of the equinox cross over Mass out of the age of Pisces/Virgo into the Lions den of Tribe of DAN or DOGON out of Africa ... Leo/Aquarius ...

Please read links below and unplug from the ritualistic mind control techniques used on us daily through main stream media

Notre dame/Our lady of landes saga…/notre-dame-des-landes-que-faire-de-la…

Dogon tribe is the tribe of DAN or ZAD…/the-bantu-branch-of-africans-ar…/

Dogon tribe

Shepherds on Stilts

Read my article here ...…/mary-magdalene-…/

Mom of 13 allegedly held captive in Perris home was 'perplexed' by arrival of deputies The article is full of number coding, Its all done on purpose.. colour PurpEL when red n blue sol O mon is merged ... The wedding.. the black and white.. the virgin Mary Jesus .. end of the age of Virgo Pisces.. through the Lions gates into Aquarius .. another Satanic family set up, .. 2 to 29 ... 2 = twins 29 is EL EVEN the Mid EL ...of Saturn, Takes Saturn 29 years n half to do a cycle, in 2 years we are in the age of Aquarius.. i think these stories which must be much more common than we real i's are spread world wide, all over french news too, to traumatise and trigger, its all Jesus 13 the Sun/Son and 12 disciples, 9/11 and 7 seven th seal of Saturn and 8 trapped in the i Phone X mass over cycle Mass ritual to lead us into the pit trap.. stay vigilent.. dont give your energy to these fake designer stories ... unbearable how they suck our human batteries with shock fear n horror…/…/

The book presents the hypothesis that the Dogon people of Mali, in west Africa, preserve a tradition of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings from the Sirius star system.[1]

These beings, who are hypothesized to have taught the arts of civilization to humans, are claimed in the book to have originated the systems of the Pharaohs of Egypt, the mythology of Greek civilization, and the Epic of Gilgamesh, among other things. Temple's theory was heavily based on his interpretation of the work of ethnographers Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. A substantial bulk of The Sirius Mystery consists of comparative linguistic and mythological scholarship, pointing out resemblances among Dogon, Egyptian and Sumerian beliefs and symbols. Greek and Arab myths and words are considered to a lesser extent.

Mali, Dogon Country, Tereli. Masked stilt dancers wearing coconut shells as breasts perform at the Dogon village of Tereli. Tereli is situated among rocks at the base of the spectacular 120-mile-long Bandiagara escarpment. The mask dance is staged at funeral ceremonies to appease the dead and speed them on their way to the ancestral world.It was because of the birth of the single-sexed male Jackal, who was born without a soul, that all humans eventually had to be turned into single-sexed beings. This was to prevent a being like the Jackal from ever being born on Earth again. "The Nummo foresaw that the original rule of twin births was bound to disappear, and that errors might result comparable to those of the jackal, whose birth was single. For it was because of his solitary state that the first son of God acted as he did."[20] The removal of the second sex and soul from humans is what the ritual of circumcision represents in the Dogon religion. "The dual soul is a danger; a man should be male, and a woman female. Circumcision and excision are once again the remedy."[22]

The Dogon religion was centered on this loss of twinness or androgyny. Griaule describes it in this passage:

"Most of the conversations with Ogotemmêli had indeed turned largely on twins and on the need for duality and the doubling of individual lives. The Eight original Ancestors were really eight pairs… But after this generation, human beings were usually born single. Dogon religion and Dogon philosophy both expressed a haunting sense of the original loss of twin-ness. The heavenly Powers themselves were dual, and in their Earthly manifestations they constantly intervened in pairs…"[23]