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tight long sleeve homecoming dresses

If all you call love is the feelings you have for someone, then you have no idea of what love really is...
Truly feelings can't be eluded in existence of love, but love is not just a feelings, but feelings for the right purpose. Feelings will fade away with times, most especially if your feelings are based on the physical appearance or materials things. If you must have a feelings , let your feelings based on the right reasons like , dreams, vision, and purpose of that person...
*Love* is a choice or a decision made out of accurate knowledge about someone , you can't possibly love someone you barely know, think deeply before jumping into the conclusion of love.
*Love* is not how you feel, but how you choose to feel even if the person is not perfect, the truth is, there's no perfect person out there, but we all have to adjust to fit into each others desires, just ensure your adjustment is for the right person who deserves it, so that you will not end up being disappointed ..
Don't pretend to be who you are not, just be your self, any relationship build on lies will not do you good, you will definitely regret it on the long run, understand that love is supposed to be forever and not for a while ...
If you have to lie or pretend to keep a relationship, you are in a wrong relationship, be yourself , the right person will love you for who you are and not for what they want.
Don't train yourself to be a player boy or a runs girl, because what you practise as a single may repeat itself tomorrow in your marriage, but that's what most of us are practicing today some guys sees it as a test run which is (*Game*) while some lady sees it as ( *enterprise* ) to make money or to acquire fashionable things, all you need is to think deeply before jumping into the wagon of love because the journey was supposed to be forever tight long sleeve homecoming dresses ? ? ? ? ? ?

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