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Índice Alfabético


I thought I was having a heart attack on Sunday morning. There was a pain so sharp. After about 10 deep breaths, it calmed down until I moved again and it was intense.

I went to the ED in Carthage and it was a flareup in my spine. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back, but this was at heart level and intense. The doctor took x-rays and told me that my spine from t4-12, L1-5 and S1-end are all involved.

I had been doing it over the last couple days and it was my body's way of slowing me down.

They gave me a shot, which didn't really do alot, no script for pain pills besides IB and Tylenol and sent me home. I can't breathe deeply yet and it's something I have to learn to deal with as it will just get worse.

This totally terrified Joshua and he was in tears Sunday night. He's always seen me as this supermom that can do anything and I'm not that person any longer. Just opening the living room window is enough to have me scream in pain.

I'll be seeing the doctor in the next couple weeks and I'll see what my options are. Any way to slow this down will be good. I've already had 4 years more of mobility than I was told when I was pregnant with my 18 year old.

Joshua has been very helpful in this, but he's also a teenager. Needing help to put down the footrest is driving me nuts, but I dont want to spend all my time in bed. Tomorrow I'll be up and around to do some lght shopping, but Joshua says he's going to helpme shopping tomorrow. I'll see how that goes. wedding