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women over 40

Tips how to check pure honey .
1. kumuha ng isang cotton at e roll ng pahaba . at lagyan ng honey yung dulo at sindihan, kapag umapoy pure honey yun,kung hindi umapoy hindli sya pure.
2. ilagay sa freezer ang honey, check after few hours kapag tumigas sya hindi sya pure, pag hindi tumigas or sticky pure yun sya.
3. ang pure honey kapag nilagay sya sa tubig hindi sya kumakalat agad, ang fake honey kapag inilagay sa tubig, agad-agad itong nag hi ... hiwa-hiwalay..
1.Good VITAMINS for ADULTS and KIDS, If your kids are finding hard to cope with the physical strain from the buzzing activities prepare them a honey drink, some sandwiches with honey, butter and ham to make sure they have enough energy to sustain through the day. And for optimal sleep and recovery cycle at night, give your child a spoonful of honey before sleep on a daily basis.
2.PREGNANT WOMAN -Yes, it's safe to eat honey during pregnancy. You may have heard that honey isn't safe for babies and that's true. Honey can contain bacteria which can germinate in a baby's gut and cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially fatal illness. - raw honey contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes
3.Good for PETS (DOG) -The honey will help relieve some of your pet's allergies. So, yes, it is fine.. feeding your pet more than one teaspoon of honey each day can impact their health negatively.
3. Good for COLDS and COUGH
4. Helps prevent cancer and heart disease:
5. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders:
6.Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal:
7.useful in improving eyesight, weight loss, curing impotence and premature ejaculation, urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea and nausea.
8. Helps regulate blood sugar:
9. Improves your memory
10. Hangover helper
11. Good for the skin
12. As a diet aide
13. Puts insomnia to bed
14.Neutralizes bad breath
15.Dandruff treatment
16.Kidney Failure -As we all know, the benefits of honey go beyond its great taste. Its natural sugars play an important role in preventing fatigue during exercise. The glucose in honey is absorbed bu the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost. And it is known that honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant compared to other types of sugar. If kidney disease patients eat honey in right amount, they can get various benefits from honey.. women over 40
anti-inflammator,promote digestion,enhance immunity,protect angocarpy, beauty skin, regulate blood pressure..
Even so, it does not mean that kidney disease patients can eat honey freely. Therefore, remember that you should have a right amount of honey intake. As for the issue about how much you can take in one day,

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